We will work hard to enable the results of the pharmaceutical price negotiation to benefit more patients of Hepatitis B in China

 The World Health Organization has confirmed that the main theme for this year's World Hepatitis Day will be “Know Hepatitis, Act Now,” while in China the theme for the day is “Loving and protecting your liver and enjoying good health.” The World Health Assembly was convened in May, where the member states of the World Health Organization confirmed various highlevel  targets, including the overall goal of eliminating hepatitis as a threat to public health by 2030, via the first strategy for the elimination of viral hepatitis. This will be the first target for the elimination of hepatitis that has been signed and undertaken by the governments of each country. At present China's hepatitis prevention work is just at the beginning of a long and arduous journey, and requires the diligent effort of multiple parties. GSK have continually endeavored to research and develop drugs for chronic hepatitis B, as well as endeavored to improve the accessibility of drugs for Chinese hepatitis B patients. We have actively participated in the recent government pharmaceutical price negotiation, and announced reductions in prices for first-line hepatitis B drugs, as well as reduced the price of patented Viread (Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) in China by as much as 67% .

As of 26 July, Viread qualifiedfor reimbursementunder the New Rural Cooperation Medical Insurance in the majority of China's provinces. Xinjiang has become the first province to include Viread within the scope of reimbursements as part of its New Rural Cooperation Medical Insurance and basic health insurance system, enabling patients in local cities  and villages to benefit from health insurance reimbursements for Viread. In provinces that already provide health insurance and have engaged in price negotiations, there has been a marked increase in clinical demand for Viread.

Professor Chen Xinyue from Beijing Youan Hospital Liver Disease Ward said that “Since the results of the government price negotiations for Viread were announced, we have received inquiries from many chronic patients of hepatitis B. We are eager to know whether it will be possible to purchase Viread at the negotiated price, as well as when it will be possible to obtain health insurance reimbursements for treatment fees. As a leading clinical physician, I have a deep first-hand understanding of the desperation  of patients, and look forward to them being able to obtain the finest possible treatment plans, as well as achieve their hope of reducing the burden of their illness as soon as possible. 

GSK China positively supports the Chinese government's innovative policy measure of implementing pharmaceutical price negotiations with the goal of resolving the problem of the high  cost of medical treatment for the public, and hopes that this measure will encourage the  coverage of  insurance reimbursement in both cities and villages as soon as possible, as well as satisfy the pharmaceutical needs of China's hepatitis B patients to the greatest extent. The government, enterprises, HCPs, patients, the media and other members of society must make positive contributions to fight hepatitis in society, so let's all work together!