“Xing Fu Hu Xi”, China COPD Tiered Treatment and Diagnosis Project Phase-II launched in Beijing

On 21 November, the 17th World COPD Day, “Xing Fu Hu Xi” (Happy Breath) China COPD Tiered Treatment Project (hereinafter referred to as “Xing Fu Hu Xi” project) 2018 Review and 2019 Launch Meeting was successfully held in Beijing.

Since the launch of “Xing Fu Hu Xi” last November, the project has covered eight pilot areas and benefited hundreds of housands of people. It is designed to better promote the implementation of the national policy for tiered treatment of COPD, and to promote  standardised and long-term management of COPD across various levels of healthcare institutions.

Latest research showed that there are 99.9 million COPD patients in China, over 80% of whom haven’t received proper treatment. Among those who have received lung function test, less than 3% knew about their condition[1]. This lack of disease knowledge leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment of COPD, seriously affecting patients’ quality of life. The theme of 2018 World COPD Day is “Never Too Early, Never Too Late”, which again calls for early screening and appropriate treatment for a better health outcome..

Academician Wang Chen, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, said: “In China, COPD falls behind hypertension and diabetes in terms of disease awareness and primary healthcare capabilities. It is urgent for the government, healthcare professionals and the public to focus on COPD management and treatment. Led by leading experts with government support, ‘Xing Fu Hu Xi’ project brings together medical associations and a leading pharmaceutical company as GSK. The objectives are to raise public awareness on COPD, standardise treatment process and enhance disease management of COPD among physicians at all levels. We hope to improve the status quo of COPD management in China through early screening and appropriate treatment through this approach.”

During Phase I, “Xing Fu Hu Xi” project involved over 1800 medical institutions. More than 200 thousand people received COPD screening and over 15 thousand people conducted the lung function test. Zemin Huang, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the China Association of Health Promotion and Education was very happy with the results, he said: “We achieved the goal for Phase-I this year. It provided a lot of experience for the continued implementation over the next years. We will continue to expand the coverage to promote the implementation of the tiered diagnosis and treatment of COPD and to improve the overall healthcare capabilities on COPD management, and contribute to the achievement of China’s ‘Healthy China 2030’ vision.”

The online training, test and certification for a standardised COPD diagnosis and treatment was launched in 2018. According to the annual summary report of “Xing Fu Hu Xi” project, about 200 online trainings were organized to cover more than 120 thousand pulmonary specialists and general practitioners. Meanwhile, more than 50 thousand healthcare professionals participated in activities including the two-way referral, telemedicine and tele-discussion on difficult cases.

The project covers eight pilot areas including Baiyin in Gansu, Zunyi in Guizhou, Ankang in Shanxi, Cangzhou in Hebei, Weifang in Shandong, Zhoukou in Henan, Chifeng in Inner Mongolia, and the Chaoyang District of Beijing. About 190 thousand people in Baiyin have received COPD questionnaire screening and around 8,000 people received the lung function test. Chunhe Da, President of Baiyin No. 1 Hospital shared his experience in implementing the project: “The successful implementation of ‘Xing Fu Hu Xi’ project in our city would not have been possible without the great support of the government. COPD screening among all targeted people in the high-risk group was listed as one of the eight objectives set by Baiyin government in 2018, which was carried out in medical institutions at all levels. The project covered all the primary care physicians and received positive feedback from the public as well.”

In 2019, the project will cover 11 pilot areas (including Zhejiang province), involving around 1500 medical institutions to benefit more patients.

Dr. James He, VP, Head of R&D and Medical at GSK China, said, “ ‘Xin Fu Hu Xi’ project has been in operation for a year now. It’s a great pleasure for us to be able to provide comprehensive support in terms of funding, manpower, technology, data analysis, and disease education. We will increase our investment at Phase II to promote the tiered treatment of COPD to benefit more patients.”

Thomas Willemsen, General Manager, GSK China Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines, said: “GSK has over 30 years of experience in respiratory area in China, and is committed to improving public healthcare capabilities in chronic airway diseases in China including COPD. The project will provide clinical data to drive the implementation of the government policy on COPD tiered diagnosis and treatment. It will help to enhance disease management for COPD among physicians at all levels and provide guideline for appropriate medication, so as to reduce the disease burden of COPD patients and improve their quality of life.”

Supported by GSK, the project is organised by the China Association of Health Promotion and Education, the Medical Cluster for Respiratory Disease of the National Clinical Research Centre of Respiratory Disease and the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, and the Remote Healthcare Management and Training Centre of the National Health Commission, co-sponsored by the Chinese Association of Respiratory Physicians under the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.





GSK in China with China for China

GSK is committed to supporting the healthcare reform of the Chinese government and to ensuring that Chinese patients can access our innovative treatments targeting their specific needs. As part of our strategy to be "in China, with China, for China", we have achieved the following milestones in recent years:


  • Announced that GSK supports GOLD committee’s efforts to further personalise COPD management in Nov 2018.
  • GSK and the British Council extend the UK-China Health and Economy Partnership in Nov 2018.
  • Announced dual bronchodilators Anoro launched in China Providing long-term, once-daily medication for COPD in Aug 2018.
  • Announced Dolutegravir recommended by WHO as the preferred first-line AIDS treatment in latest guidelines in Aug 2018.
  • Announced to aid China government’s hepatitis prevention and treatment programme in Jul 2018.
  • Cervarix is approved for cervical cancer prevention in female population aged 9-45 years in May 2018.
  • Announced Flixotide Nebules launched in mainland China for acute exacerbations of childhood asthma in May 2018.
  • The Chinese Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control and GSK China sign MOU for AIDS prevention and control through online physician education in May 2018.
  • GSK China partners with JD to drive “Internet + Healthcare” to improve patient experience and access to healthcare in May 2018.
  • Anoro Ellipta, a new once-daily dual bronchodilators treatment for COPD, was approved in March 2018.
  • Announced innovative antiretroviral Single Tablet Regimen Triumeq was officially launched in January 2018.



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[1] Wang C. et al. Prevalence and risk factors of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in China (the China Pulmonary Health [CPH] study): a national cross-sectional study (2018) The Lancet 2018; 391 (10131).