GSK Consumer Healthcare partners Taobao University to promote digital talent development across Asia Pacific

Hangzhou, 28 May 2021 -- GSK Consumer Healthcare ("GSK CH") announced today that the GSK CH-Taobao University Asia-Pacific Institute - a partnership with Alibaba's Taobao University - has just been officially launched. The establishment of the Institute marks an important step among GSK CH's broad efforts at digital capacity-building and talent cultivation. It is also the first time for Taobao University to cooperate with an international consumer healthcare business to set up a corporate institute that caters to the entire Asia Pacific region. Both parties will work together to develop and provide customized digital learning programmes for GSK CH employees across the Asia Pacific region.

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With the rapid pace of changeare today, companies are facing more uncertainties than ever. More intense industry competition has forced companies to think about how they can make better use of data to understand market forces and discover new opportunities. On the other hand, consumer behaviours are also fast changing, making it imperative for companies to expedite digital transformation efforts in order to have smarter, more precise and targeted capabilities of corporate management. According to a report on digital transformation published by McKinsey, ‘Building capabilities for the workforce of the future’ and ‘Empowering people to work in new ways’ are the key factors to improving the chances of transformation succeeding for a company. *

The GSK CH-Taobao University APAC Institute aims to create a series of courses from strategic planning to practical operation, in order to improve the digital capabilities of GSK CH employees and to empower the company’s digital transformation. The two parties will work together to develop diversified content and courses like digital marketing , digital commerce and digital transformation, respectively for GSK CH APAC management teams, digital business teams and other cross-departmental teams, covering subjects like domestic and cross-border E-commerce,  O2O, new retail and international business. GSK CH employees will be able to pick up relevant courses to develop their capabilities through online and offline learning and follow-up coaching sessions.

“In these post-pandemic times, digital transformation will become even more critical for companies,” said Keith Choy, Region Head, Asia Pacific, GSK CH. “Talent development is one of the key factors that determines the success of companies going through digital transformation. Taobao University has an experienced faculty, comprehensive curriculum and abundant resources that can help our employees develop the relevant skillsets. This cooperation will further strengthen our capabilities in the digital field as our teams continue to innovate and adapt to fast-changing consumer behaviors and technology trends.”

‘GSK CH is the first international healthcare business to sign a parternership with Taobao University,’ says Lei HUANG, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Head of Taobao University. ‘The courses jointly created by the two parties cover not only China’s domestic E-commerce, O2O and digital transformation, but also Asia-Pacific region E-commerce platform (such as Lazada) operations and cross-border E-commerce operations, catering to GSK CH employees based in China to those based in various countries across the entire Asia Pacific region. For Taobao University, it is a very iconic and breakthrough cooperation.’

With this partnership, GSK CH APAC employees can benefit from the abundant learning resources through online, offline learning and coaching. By the end of this year, the GSK CH-Taobao University Asia Pacific Institute will provide more than a dozen offline training sessions. In addition, up to 1,000 online courses will be available to thousands of GSK CH employees across the region.

GSK CH has been actively deploying future-oriented digital capabilities by building an internal learning system and exploring external cooperation opportunities. In addition to "The GSK CH-Taobao University Asia Pacific Institute", last year, GSK CH Asia Pacific launched "Digital Commerce Academy’ for digital business teams, monthly ‘Digital Learning Friday’ sharing by external digital professionals with all employees, as well as quarterly ‘Digital Open Day’ events that host open discussions on digital trends and insights from external experts and GSK CH senior leaders.



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